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At Paratroopers we believe that investing in new talent is key. We want our community to grow and inspire people to become the best developer they can be. That’s why we offer a free* (we consider that great price) traineeship for everyone who wants to join the Paratroopers. Within this traineeship, you will learn how to develop, implement, test and improve solutions that comply with the needs of your client.

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About our Traineeship

The traineeship contains 500 hours of individual work. In this time you will be trained to become a Junior Full-Stack developer. The hours will be divided into the following:

50 hours

.HTML CSS (Vanilla)
[Perfect for the beginning Paratrooper among us]
- Full template to HTML CSS

100 hours

.JavaScript (Vanilla)
[perfect for the beginning Paratrooper among us]
- Operatior,
- Loops,
- Functions,
- Classes,
- Practical Assignments;

  • if-else-game
  • Finish pong
100 hours

.PHP (Vanilla) / Node.JS-api (express)
[Perfect for the beginning Paratrooper among us]
Templating (dynamic HTML),

  • - Static (php only)
  • - Private (php only)
  • - Public (php only)

Practical assignments:

  • - TODO List
100 hours

[Perfect for the beginning Paratrooper among us]

  • - Higher-order-components
  • - Props and default props
  • - State


  • - Actions
  • - Reducers

Practical assignments:

  • - TODO List
150 hours

.Full stack PHP-api / Node.JS-api (express) + React-app
[Perfect for the beginning Paratrooper among us]

  • - Tokens (JWT)

API calls to redux state
Practical assignments:

  • - TODO List with authentication.
100 hours

[applicable for beginning and advance Paratroopers]
- One on one education and support


Already found a new challenge and don’t want to stay around after the traineeship? We would love to keep you on the team, but of course, it’s no problem to leave. If that time comes we would like to sit with your future employer to discuss payment for your training.

Any other questions?

Do you have any other questions? You’re more than welcome to contact us or come by for a cup of coffee and a good chat.

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